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OBJ / Blender glitch workshop @ hacklab01 sunday 24.5. 13:00

Workshop by Tù.úk’z
Workshop in English / Radionica na engleskom!
About the Workshop: I will give a little introduction on .OBJ corruption using Blender and Wordpad and their possibilities. Also would like to talk about some more glitch techniques and maybe approach video editing skills.

Blender and Wordpad + Photoshop (to create and blend layers).
It’s basically what I do in my daily work.
Things you’ll need:
– a laptop with Blender and Photoshop installed
– a bit of curiosity :)
– n00bz welcome :))

***prijave na fubar@hacklab01.org sa subjectom g4p application / apply at fubar@hacklab01.org with the subject g4p application***


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