12.1.2022. - Ivana Tkalčić: Trust in the Usage of AI

12.1.2022., 19:00h CET
Location: https://hacklab01.org (click link on top of page)

“The Trust in the Usage of artificial intelligence in Social Media and Traditional Mass Media “is a cross-cultural study with the main focus on three countries – Croatia, Greece, and Turkey.
In the study trust is measured and compared with the help of the dataset created by the data gathered from mostly Croatian, Greek, Turkish citizens.
The latent variables are: trust in AI, trust in mass traditional media, trust in social media and trust in usage of AI in media.
The study was conducted through a scientific questionnaire, designed in English, Croatian, Greek and Turkish using the scales in the literature to measure Trust in media and AI.

Ivana Tkalčić (1987, Croatia) studied at Academy of fine arts (MA) in Zagreb and Munich. Graduated economics and tourism at Faculty of Economics (mag oec.) in Zagreb. After graduation, she's been working on projects at artist residencies in Austria, Belgium, Greece, Norway, Italy, Netherlands and Poland.
Sha has realized many solo and group exhibitions, biennales.
Awards: Finalist – 20th Radoslav Putar Award, Young Visual Artists Awards, Institute of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, HPB Grand Prix award – 35th Youth Salon, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia, Erste fragments 12, RCAA young European art award and Rector's Award of the University of Zagreb for the independent work of art. Participant of the WHW Academy, generation 2019/2020. https://ivanatkalcic.com/

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