28.12. cmsLAB @ klub MaMa

cmsLAB je radionica koja se koncentrira na instalaciju i korištenje open source CMSova (content management system) za postavljanje web stranica.

Prijave (obavezne) na https://cloud.hacklab01.org/index.php/apps/forms/2HmaCJqHeit6Nx3z

Upiti na info@hacklab01.org

Sri 28.12.2022. 16:00-20:00 - k...



14.12.22 SUDA First Flashing

MediaLAB group
joyfully invites you to be a part of the First Flashing
of their computer
on Wednesday, Dec 14th 2022
at 6 o'clock in the evening
Online on hacklab01.org

We are liberating our computer by replacing the software that’s used to run its system before the operating sys...



2.12. - glitchLAB

Everyone is invited to participate in a series of free online DIWO Glitch Art workshops with the aim of finding, documenting, catalyzing and sharing errors in digital video and images.

2.12. 17:00 -18:30 CET https://live.fubar.space

Additional info is available at: info@hacklab01.org

The work...



19.11. - Radionica izrade naljepnica

vrijeme: subota 19.11.2022., 17:00-20:00h
mjesto: klub MaMa (Preradovićeva 18, Zagreb)
prijave: do 17.11., na info@hacklab01.org

Što je naljepnica i kako ju izraditi? Kako prirediti nacrt za cut-out minijature male naklade? Koje su varijacije u digitalnim formatima, materijalima i površina...



17.9.22. - Command Line Scripting in Art

Open source software as an effective means to save money and increase knowledge.
Operating systems such as Windows 10 and macOS create a mindset where the user ceases to seek out the most useful or flexible way of achieving a task in favor of a default or most popular application, usually a...