What is hackn3t?

Hackn3t is an international network of artists, programmers, hardware and software tweakers and other creative people. It’s open to everyone and anyone who feels the need to share knowledge with their community.

We are currently inviting people to participate by holding talks, presentations and workshops in our hacklab, hacklab01, that’s located in AKC Medika in Zagreb, Croatia.

We can offer…

– transport fees (train, bus, or cheap flights)

– food

– a place to sleep (not a hotel)

– free entrance to any and all other programs in AKC Medika during your stay

You can apply if…

– currently only accepting applications from the EU and the Balkans (no money for plane tickets)

– you have a workshop or talk idea

– hacker-related subjects are preferable, but there are no rules

– only applications submited through our application form will be considered

The back story…

Back in 2009. an abandoned pharmaceutical packing factory in Pierottijeva street 11, a former squat, was legalized by the local government and leased to AKC Attack who’ve been sharing the space with other NGOs and initiatives ever since. These independent artists and collectives are faced with lack of space and funding, so the space for executing their practices becomes questionable. This space is offered without any unified context in order to continually develop diversity among programs and projects in the city.

During the past four years, we’ve tried our best to transform this forgotten factory into a manageable space. The space focuses mainly on nighttime underground music venues, from punk to psy trance. So if you dislike loud music and young people partying, this might not be up your alley. :)

What is hacklab01?

Hacklab01 is an open space in Zagreb’s Autonomous Cultural Centre. Our main goal is promoting the everyday use of open source software through workshops, presentations, hack jams, etc. Since 2009. we’ve held a wide variety of workshops, like using Joomla to build a website, using Creative Commons to publish your work, fixing your old broken PC, or setting up an Apache server. We also focus and deal with current internet culture issues such as the right to privacy, freedom of information, piracy, pictures of cats, etc…

Here are some pics…

The application form is here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us!

Hacklab01 and hackn3t are projects by AKC Attack and are financially supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, The Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sports and the The National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

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